Master Discrete Mathematics in 2020

Learn and master all of Discrete Math - Logic, Set Theory Etc

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English, French
English, French
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This course includes
6.5 hours on-demand video
5 articles
3 downloadable resource
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What you'll learn
Fully Understand Mathematical Logic
Grasp the Complex Topic of Counting for Advanced Mathematics
Gather, organize, analyze and visualize data
Know When to Use Combinations or Permutations
Solve Real World Problems Using Combinations and Permutations
Discover How to Solve Mathematical Proofs Using a Variety of Methods
Analyze current and historical data
Learn Mathematical Notation to be able to Understand Complex Proofs


Set Theory: Students will leave this course understanding what sets are, the nuances of sets, and how to find power sets.

Mathematical Logic: After this course students students will understand mathematical logic and truth tables. They will learn the many logic laws that help computers run complex algorithms while also learning how to solve basic proofs using truth tables.

Advanced Counting Techniques: Students will learn the advanced counting techniques used by poker players and statisticians that help them analyze complex problems. Students will be exposed to the sum and product principles along with the combination and permutation formulas. There will be an abundance of practice problems in this section due to its difficulty!

Mathematical Proofs: Students will learn the foundations of writing mathematical proofs. We will discuss the many different methods of mathematical proofs and go through many examples. This section is often important as you go into other math classes that can be very proof heavy.

Graph Theory: We finish the course with a section on graph theory. Graph theory is a huge and important part of mathematics that we begin to scratch the surface on in this course. Students will begin to see the wide ranging applications of graph theory when they learn about Euler and Hamilton paths/circuits, complete/bipartite graphs, and more.


Fundamentals of Mathematics (Up to Algebra)

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